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Vitamins Help Increase Cervical Mucus

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Sunday, May 20, 2018 | 0 comments

Image: Cervical mucus (a fluid that is secreted from inside the cervix) plays an important role in achieving pregnancy
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Cervical Mucus as a Natural Fertility Sign
One of the purposes of cervical mucus is to sustain sperm in a healthy medium and facilitate sperm movement.

Therefore, during ovulation, there is an increase in cervical fluids, as well as a change in CM texture. During this time, CM becomes more pliable, stretchable, and slippery (resembling raw egg whites) and is therefore a reliable indicator of fertility.

To observe CM, simply use clean, dry fingers or toilet paper to collect and examine your cervical mucus. During non-fertile times of the month, you will typically observe a dryness (or scant amount of cervical mucus). However, as you near ovulation, the amount of CM will increase and the texture will change.

Before Ovulation, a woman typically experiences very little visible cervical fluids. Gradually, more mucus will accumulate - but it will be yellow or cloudy and exhibit a sticky texture. This is non-fertile cervical mucus (sometimes referred to as hostile cervical mucus).

As you begin to near your ovulation date, the presence of cervical mucus will increase markedly due to higher levels of estrogen in your body. First, there will be a moistness or slight tackiness to the mucus, and it should exhibit a white or cream-colored appearance. However, as you near your most fertile time, CM will become thinner and more slippery.

During Ovulation, the amount of cervical fluids will increase greatly and the appearance will resemble raw egg whites. The texture of the CM will become increasingly slippery and stretchable, and may appear semitransparent. This is your most fertile time of the month for conceiving.

After Ovulation (luteal phase), the slippery, thin quality of the CM will lessen and the texture will once again become sticky and cloudy. Post-ovulatory dryness may also ensue as the levels of progesterone rise in your body.

As a natural fertility sign, monitoring changes in cervical mucus is a reliable method of ovulation prediction.

Certain vitamins may help increase your cervical mucus. They can include:

Vitamin C - Makes your blood vessel walls stronger, fight off infections, and speed healing of any wounds. As well, Vitamin C can increase the amount of fluid in your cervical mucus, giving you plenty of cervical mucus.

Nitric Oxide [NO] - Makes blood vessels dilate, allowing your blood to flow to your reproductive organs, which are your genitals, uterus, and ovaries. Studies suggest NO helps increase the amount of mucus secreted by your cervix.

Lactobacilli - Not exactly a vitamin, Lactobacilli are tiny organisms - an important part of a healthy environment in your vagina. Lactobacilli helps create the best environment to make cervical mucus more effective.

Grapeseed Extract - Works with Vitamin C, making it more effective. The presence of this antioxidant gives additional support and protection to your man's sperm.

Evening Primrose Oil - A herb often used specifically to increase your cervical mucus. It is an essential fatty acid, also an anti-inflammatory. It not only helps increase your cervical mucus, it also helps increase the quality and effectiveness of your cervical mucus, producing more egg-white cervical mucus.

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Image: FertileCM is designed to help a woman produce her own cervical mucus naturally
- designed to help a woman produce her own cervical mucus - naturally.
Cervical mucus (a fluid that is secreted from inside the cervix) plays an important role in achieving pregnancy.
During most of a woman's cycle, very little cervical fluids are produced.
However, around the time a woman ovulates, the presence of cervical mucus increases in order to help nourish sperm and facilitate sperm transport.
It also insulates sperm from the natural acidity inside the vagina.

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