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High FSH, Advanced Maternal Age, Poor Egg Quality - Can we Turn back the Reproductive Clock?

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Friday, December 21, 2007 | 2 comments

The Fertile Soul Method has been helping women conceive for years, who were previously told there was no hope. We have helped women in their forties, those with high FSH (even those with a day 3 FSH level of over 100), those with advanced maternal age, and those with "poor egg quality" conceive naturally, with their own eggs. How can this be? Perhaps it is because reproductive medicine has only been looking at the end result of an imbalanced system, not what we can do to enhance our reproductive biology no matter our age our diagnosis. When Dr. Lewis was in medical school, she didn't receive one day, one hour even, on reproductive health, just on reproductive disease, and how doctors can intervene when it's too late. That is where the problem resides - we don't know how to care for our reproductive system - regardless of our age.

Learn More about High FSH, Advanced Maternal Age, Poor Egg Quality:
How Old is Too Old? Western Diagnosis Causes Natural Treatment Case Study

How Old is Too Old?
Regarding the human egg: How old is too old? Perhaps we are asking the wrong question. Remember the psychological argument about nature vs. nurture? Let's rephrase the topic altogether. How can we help women in their mature reproductive years produce healthy children? We propose that the answer is found in the nature vs. nurture discussion. Nurturing the follicle in the 120 days before ovulation will produce a healthy egg, free of transmutation, free of the need for medical intervention.

Scientists have told us that in about 45 years all the eggs that we're born with will have deteriorated. Yet, the latest evidence is challenging our previous doctrine. Now, they pronounce, mammalian ovaries may have specialized stem cells that make new eggs throughout the female's life. And this could, they say, lead to powerful new treatments for infertility. Women who heretofore have been told that their eggs are "too old" to transform into live children, are renewed with hope, just as they were when cytoplasmic transfer was a promising solution a few years ago. Yet, as scientists and politicians snatched that possibility away from us, we were left once again with the hopeless pronouncement that old eggs have a dismal possibility of propagating. Letting a youthful woman donate her fresh, perfect eggs to replace our shriveled, dying ones has been the only answer for women with "poor quality" eggs. Poor quality eggs mean the ones that won't act in response to Western medicine's attempt to force a pregnancy in a reproductive system that seems resistance to artificial hormonal stimulation. They call us "poor responders", "clomid failures", or "IVF failures".

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About Catherine: I am mom to three grown sons, two grandchildren and two rescue dogs. After years of raising my boys as a single mom, I remarried a wonderful man who had never had a child of his own. Unexpectedly, I found myself pregnant at 49!
Sadly we lost that precious baby at 8 weeks, and decided to try again. Five more losses, turned down for donor egg, foster care and adoption due to my age and losses - we have accepted that there will be no more babies in our house.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel very bitter. I know I shouldn't as it doesn't help. But from the age of 31 I went from gyno to gyno. The focus was on me, and only after visiting an 80 year old east european gyno did he say it was absurd that the previous specialists were 'assuming' there was something wrong with me, just because my husband's sperm test looked 'marginal' ok. Unfortunately we lost 8 years throughout this frustrating process and I didnt' meet this doctor till I was 38. He ordered tests because of clumping in my husband's sperm, and I was told after a special sperm test that it was "impossible" as my husband had 100% anti sperm antibodies IgG, IgA to all surfaces of the sperm. ICSI IVF was the only way!! So I did 6 cycles, no pregnancies. 8 wasted years, and then at 40 they denied me sperm at the clinic because they said there was a shortage and had to save it for younger women. I had an FSH of 6 which hasn't changed, and they said everything else was perfect but the chronological age of my egg meant that I was too old.

    Which means unless I go get another husband or find sperm which I can't seem to do, or get an egg donor, I am now 43 I will never have children

    Never let a doctor dictate to you as I was.

  2. You are so right - never let a dr dictate to you - you are the consumer, he or she works for YOU!

    I am so sorry that you were treated so poorly. Is there any possibility that you could work with another dr?

    Were any of these drs Reproductive Endocrinolgists (RE) who work with older women?

    Have you looked into diets and herbal remedies that might help improve your husband's sperm?

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