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Harvard study on the Bax Protein delaying menopause/ovarian failure

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Sunday, November 11, 2007 | 0 comments

Found on the High FSH Support Forum board, posted by Chrissy:

I just came across this thread on the Life Extention forum. I think you have to register to read it, so I just copied and pasted the whole thread below which includes links to the studies they are talking about. I didn't read the links or the studies, I just read the thread but it sounded interesting to me because Dr. Check once mentioned to me that he thought the link to stopping menopause or getting someone over 45 pregnant had to do with a certain protein (he didn't get specific) but said he hasn't had the time to do the research necessary because he is busy with his Cooper practice and also cancer research. So a little bell went off on my head and I thought you all might want to read about it.

Here's the thread :

If you read LEF daily news New menopause research reported from Harvard University ( see link), it would appear that by supressing the bax protein women could delay menopausal ovarian failure and reap the many anti-aging benefits of staying pre-menopausal.

There are numerous articles online supporting this like:

Does anyone know of a compund or supplement that will supress the bax protein?

Some research indicates that indole-3-carbinol up-regulates bax.

Here is a whole list of compounds that react with BAX, do any look like reasonable suppresors? It says that indole-3-carbinol results in increased expression of BAX and that resveratrol results in decreased expression of BAX protein.;jsessionid=BDDEB3777B71D015FC0B2EB06314258A?view=ixn&type=gene&acc=BAX
According to the chart linked above, melatonin also inhibits bax and may therefor help delay menopause?

Also, ethanol promotes the reaction (BAX protein binds to BCL2L1 protein).
Stop drinking to delay menopause? And... aspirin results in increased expression of BAX protein.

Also - inhibin loss seems to cause menopause - can it be replaced like other hormones?

I would love to see LEF do a protocol for slowing down ovarian aging.

Scientists develop pill to delay the menopause

Many articles this week - wonder if, like many drugs that they develop over many years to be patented, there is a natural source for this??

Lowering levels of FSH hormone seems to be a main key towards delaying menopause. Many studies out of Japan and Thailand are showing that Pueraria mirifica can do just that. It also seems that, with many times the pytoestrogen content of soy, Pueraria mirifica can be used for estrogen replacement. If you are within 5 years of menpause either way, you will want to research Pueraria mirifica . Here is a link regarding the FSH.


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