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High FSH, Bad Eggs, Diminished/Poor Ovarian Reserve

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Wednesday, October 17, 2018 | 0 comments

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What is FSH?

Here is an oversimplified and unscientific definition of FSH: FSH stands for the follicle-stimulating hormone.

It is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland which, in the female, stimulates the ovaries to develop a follicle – the housing surrounding the egg prior to ovulation – each month.

It can be thought of metaphorically as the gas pedal which causes the ovaries to ovulate each month.

As women age, it becomes more difficult for the ovaries to ovulate, so the level of FSH rises (in order to push down the gas pedal further) over time.

When a woman enters menopause, her ovaries are depleted and the gas pedal stays depressed permanently; that is to say, the FSH level remains high.

If you've ever been told you have High FSH, Bad Eggs, or Diminished/Poor Ovarian Reserve, then you will want to read this: High FSH and Infertility

Includes an overview of meds used in ART, high FSH-friendly REs and research articles on high FSH.

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An equilibrium, a perfect balance in both partners, often determines your ability to conceive and support a pregnancy.

When your body is imbalanced, conception becomes very difficult. Luckily, hormonal imbalances can be corrected.

Drawing on the latest research in this field – which links underlying hormonal issues with infertility in men and women – Dr. Robert Greene, fertility specialist, OB/GYN, and reproductive endocrinologist, has created the Perfect Balance Fertility Program to help patients attain the optimal hormonal health necessary for conception.

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