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Improving pregnancy rates with Maca

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Monday, January 18, 2016 | 0 comments

Image: Power juice with Maca, by daninofal / Dani Nofal, on Flickr
Improving pregnancy rates by means of polarized maca based phytoterapy and intratubal insemination

The use of Lepidium meyenii in the form of polarized maca, significantly improves pregnancy rates when combined (Group B) with low-dose gonadotrophins. One of the main factors, in our opinion, is the LH-like action performed through the release and control of both gonadotrophins (FSH, LH). Indeed, a good follicle genesis and steroid genesis resulting into the maturation of quality oocytes requires the combined action of the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and of the luteinising hormone (LH).

The latter was recently reinstated by the scientific community, which understood its great importance at very low doses ever since last generation recombinant gonadotrophins were totally deprived of it. This small LH quantity secreted by the hypophysis in ideal doses thanks to the hypothalamic action of Lepidium, probably determines the improved quality of oocytes, which are thus more fit for fertilisation and implant.

A study by Delphine P. Levy and colleagues supports the theory of two cells, two gonadotrophins; a minimum LH activity is deemed vital for optimal development of the follicle-oocyte set during induction of ovulation, and she thus concludes that a small LH fraction should be included in each type of stimulation protocol. We finally report the recent conclusions drawn by the Filicori group.

Based on physiological data and test results, they demonstrated that a supplemental LH activity reduces the duration of stimulation, the total quantity of hormone intake and, consequently, the cost of the process. It may further positively influence the quality of oocytes and reduce the risk of ovarian hyperstimultion. Our Group had come to similar conclusions in some prior studies ever since 1996.

In summary, the results of this study on the treatment of infertility in couples point out to intratubal insemination, combined with ovary stimulation with low-dose recombinant FSH and polarized maca intake, as an effective method, well tolerated by the couples, and virtually free of side effects when at least one of the tubes has a regular function and the male factor is low to moderate (Swim up test greater than 4 million /ml mobile forms).

In addition, the mineral content of maca, well balanced and significant, is ideal for infertility problems, because manganese, calcium, and zinc are available in the correct proportions. Zinc is also vital to protect the sperm nucleus from premature decondensation. Hence the importance of administering polarised maca to male partners too.

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Photo credit: Power juice with Maca, by daninofal / Dani Nofal, on Flickr
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