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When will menopause hit?

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Friday, December 18, 2020 | 0 comments

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Natural menopause occurs:
• in 25% of women by age 47
• in 50% by age 50,
• 75% by age 52
• 95% by age 55.

Women can suddenly stop as early as 27 and as late as 59.

Birth Control ALERT!
If you are going through menopause and haven't had your period for a few months, you may think you can forego birth control.

DON'T! You can still become pregnant until a year after your last menstrual flow. In fact, your fertility may actually increase as your reproductive years come to an end.

And if you have been relying on the rhythm method (not having sex at certain times in the menstrual cycle), you should be especially careful during menopause because cycles become irregular.

Differences in the age at natural menopause were examined using a retrospective population sample of 289 naturally menopausal women.
The mean age at natural menopause was 46.70 ± 5.44 years.
Earlier menopause occurred in women living in semi-urban areas, divorced/separated and less educated women, and women who were younger at: first marriage, widowhood, divorce/separation and first or last full-term pregnancy.

Later menopause occurred in women who had: irregular menstrual periods before 25 years, dysmenorrhoea and mid-cycle spotting.
Duration of oral contraceptives use, weight and body mass index were significantly positively correlated with age at natural menopause.
Multiple regression analyses indicated that age at last full-term pregnancy, residence, pattern of menstrual cessation and duration of oral contraceptive use were the significant predictors of the end of menstrual activity.

There is considerable uncertainty as to what factors affect the timing of menopause.
Genetic and racial factors have recently been proposed to be the most important determinants of age at natural menopause.
In addition to genetic factors, several behavioural (smoking, nutrition, and socio-demographic factors), reproductive and anthropometric factors are also associated with age at menopause

Read more: Correlates of age at natural menopause: a community-based study in Alexandria

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