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What is Maca?

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Monday, April 09, 2018 | 0 comments

Image: Healthworks Maca Powder Peruvian Raw Organic | used for thousands of years as a powerful addition to a healthy diet
Healthworks Raw Maca Powder
What is Maca?
Maca is a cruciferous root vegetable indigenous to the high Andean mountain plateaus of Peru. Also called Peruvian Ginseng Maca is an exceptionally hardy plant growing where no other crops can survive.

At altitudes of 14,000 ft., Maca must endure extreme conditions ranging from freezing cold, fierce winds, to intense sunlight, often all within a period of 24 hours.

Herbalists believe that resilient plants are especially valuable from a medicinal perspective and in this category, Maca knows no equal.

What is Maca for?
Maca promotes fertility, and helps to balance your hormones.

It increases sperm count, motility, and volume by 200%; increases follicle size, and helps your eggs to mature. It also helps with erectile dysfunction, increasing desire, and interest.

It is great for increasing your progesterone numbers, and helps to prevent miscarriage.

How much Maca should I take?
My research says you need to take at least 1,500 mg to be worthwhile. After that, you need to decide for yourself how much is right for you.

The Peruvians who discovered Maca take an average of 3,000-5,000 mg/day.

Some women have posted that 500 mg feels perfect for them. I have been increasing my dose month by month and find the real difference came at 2 tsp of powder/day for me.

Image: Healthworks Maca Powder Peruvian Raw Organic | used for thousands of years as a powerful addition to a healthy diet
Healthworks Raw Maca Powder

When in your cycle should you take Maca?
Quote: Because Maca is not replacing hormones, it is fine to start using this product at any time and to stop at any time without danger to the body.

It can be used on and off without fear of causing adrenal, ovarian or erectile dysfunction.

Quote: While some people notice marked improvement in energy and well-being quickly (within 7 to 10 days), others respond more slowly (after 4 weeks), as the endocrine system responds to the support and balancing Maca provides.

If there is not a significant improvement in the way you feel after one week on the initial dose, you may increase the amount taken by a small amount each week until an improvement is noticed.

The total daily amount taken should not exceed three teaspoons (15 grams), except on the advice of a health professional.

Is there anyone who should not take Maca?
QUOTE: Women with a hormonally related cancer, such as an estrogen receptive breast cancer, or those with endometriosis are discouraged from using Maca.

Women using estrogen blockers such as Tamoxifen should not use products that affect estrogen levels. Men with a hormonally related cancer, such as prostate cancer are discouraged from using Maca.

QUOTE: Women who have been on HRT for years may respond more slowly from ovarian atrophy. One physician tapers his patients off HRT over two weeks while having them ingest 6 capsules per day of Maca.

Image: #1 Maca Powder | Organic From Maca Root | Purest Premium Vegan Superfood | USDA Certified and Gelatinized from Raw | Boosts Energy and Fertility
Organic Maca Root

Men with high PSA levels or prostate cancer, and women with breast or other hormonal related cancers should avoid Maca.

Anyone with liver disease should probably avoid it also.
Naturally, anyone with an allergy to Maca should not take it, either.

QUOTE: People who suffer of high pressure and everyone who has heart troubles.

QUOTE: Contraindications. Do not take Maca if you suffer any glandular cancers, except under the supervision of a herbal specialist.

Men should not take Maca if they are suffering from an enlarged prostate, or prostate or testicular cancer. Women suffering from any hormone-related cancers should avoid Maca.

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