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Taking Fish Oil Depletes Your Vitamin E

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Thursday, December 24, 2015 | 0 comments

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Found on the Women Over 40 with High FSH:

Enriched flaxseed oil no fish tale for dry eye, meibomitis

When taking fish oil, it depletes Vitamin E in the body, so you need about 400IU EXTRA (make sure it's mixed topherols). Vitamin E deficiency ironically can cause infertility, increased FSH and LH.

First, vitamin E, acting as an antioxidant, maintains the integrity of the oils. Second, long-term supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids, whether from flaxseed oil or fish oil, depletes serum levels of vitamin E.


Personal Health: Fish stories and the hoopla over fish oils

There is also concern about the inhibiting effects of fish oils on the immune system. Whereas suppressing excessive immune reactions may be beneficial to those with autoimmune disorders, it may also reduce the ability of certain white blood cells to fight off infections. And unless taken with vitamin E, large doses of fish oil can deplete the body's supply of this critical antioxidant nutrient.


400 IU of a mixed-tocopherol supplement

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that works especially well to prevent oxidation of omega-3 fats in cell membranes, thus helping to prevent the damage that leads to inflammation, cancer, and heart disease.


Lipid peroxidation and oxidant stress regulate hepatic apolipoprotein B degradation and VLDL production

Our finding that infusion of DHA in mice increased hepatic lipid peroxide content is consistent with a large body of literature, primarily from studies of animals fed on diets enriched in PUFAs (45, 64–67). For example, feeding rats on diets enriched in EPA, DHA, or LNA increased hepatic lipid peroxidation and the breakdown of vitamin E (64). In another rat-feeding study, the ingestion of DHA-containing oils decreased triglyceride concentrations in the plasma and liver at the same time that hepatic levels of lipid hydroperoxides and TBARSs rose and vitamin E fell (65).


Personal Health: Sorting out the benefits of taking extra vitamin E

Taking fish oil supplements or consuming a high-fish diet can use up the body's supply of vitamin E. And most vegetable oils and margarine supply the wrong kind of tocopherol and increase the body's need for vitamin E. (Olive oil, in contrast, is rich in the form of tocopherol that is biologically most effective.)


EDITOR'S NOTE: We had stopped taking extra vitamin E a couple months ago. Little did I know that fish oil is an oxidator. My joints have really been bothering me (I've tested negative for RA), and I'm wondering if it's because of a vitamin E deficiency. Note that if you eat a lot of olive oil (which I don't) you should be OK.


Vitamin E is contraindicated in those with known hypersensitivity to any component of a vitamin E-containing product.

Those on warfarin should be cautious in using high doses of vitamin E (i.e., doses greater than 100 milligrams daily of d-alpha-tocopherol or 200 milligrams daily of d1-alpha-tocopherol), and if they do use such doses, they should have their INRs monitored and their warfarin dose appropriately adjusted if indicated. Likewise, those with vitamin K deficiencies, such as those with liver failure, should be cautious in using high doses of vitamin E. Vitamin E should be used with extreme caution in those with any lesions that have a propensity to bleed (e.g., bleeding peptic ulcers), those with a history of hemorrhagic stroke and those with inherited bleeding disorders (e.g., hemophilia). Supplemental doses of vitamin E higher than RDA amounts should be avoided by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

High dose vitamin E supplementation should be stopped about one month before surgical procedures and may be resumed following recovery from the procedure. Use of supplemental vitamin E in low birth weight premature infants must be undertaken with extreme caution and only by trained medical personnel.

Source: Importance of Vitamin E

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