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High FSH/ low AMH Success Stories

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Thursday, December 10, 2020 | 7 comments

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Found this post by Ally (Ocelot Cub) on

Ally wrote: I have collected a number of success stories from ladies with high FSH/ low AMH who have fallen pregnant. When I have really low days I get out the file and re-read the stories, I find it such a tonic so I wanted to share it.....

[Note not all stories are about over 40 women]

FSH 96 - Irregular Cycles - Diet and Acupuncture

43 Years old - FSH 35

FSH 94.4 - Dr. Check

FSH 110 - Pregnant

AMH 0.1 - Irregular Cycle

FSH 178 - 3 Babies

Low AMH 0.4 ng/l pregnant with Clearblue Fertility Monitor

Pregnant naturally while waiting for DE

FSH 32 - Elevated Estradiol / High FSH

World's Oldest Natural Mum (59) Conceives While on HRT!

Pregnant while on HRT

Pregnancies in ladies with undetectable AMH

No period and FSH 124

FSH 128 on HRT

FSH in 40's

Spreadsheet of Pregnancies Various High FSH

High FSH levels and Natural pregnancy

FSH of 29 and got a BFP this morning

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About Catherine: I am mom to three grown sons, two grandchildren and two rescue dogs. After years of raising my boys as a single mom, I remarried a wonderful man who had never had a child of his own. Unexpectedly, I found myself pregnant at 49!
Sadly we lost that precious baby at 8 weeks, and decided to try again. Five more losses, turned down for donor egg, foster care and adoption due to my age and losses - we have accepted that there will be no more babies in our house.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I do believe it can be possible. I read similar stories in the website by Julia Indichova, Plus in this website the philosophy is that each loss is a learning and that the longing for a child can bring up the best of you and can heal your life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi have an FSH of 15.6 and a AMH of 1.46 at 39 yrs ols. I have tried 9 months of accuputure and herb + 2 rounds of clomid. Nothing has worked. I have been told my old chance is with a donor egg. We can't afford that. Is there any way to get pregnant naturally? I have modified my diet and taken herbs. Need help!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Clomid and femara were the 2 drugs I tried. They upset my menstrual cycle - in one month I had 2 periods! and then my period disappeared for a while. I do not want to use any fertility drug at the moment. I am working with visualizations and diet. As I said before, check the testimonials in the website I am using the same visualizations to heal other health issues. There are many things we can do to reach our dream to have a child, but they all begin with healing ourselves and getting stronger, mentally and physically.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My Success Story. February 1 2012, 6:47 AM

    I was 36 when I found out that my FSH was 14 and AMH 0.06. My doctor said that it would be impossible for me to become pregnant without IVF. Even with IVF i had a 5% chance IF they could harvest any eggs. Now, I am a doctor myself so I knew what those numbers meant and wanted to start treatment ASAP. I even considered egg donors and adoption but my DH insisted that we could get pregnant "naturally" so he wanted to wait. 8 months later I got pregnant and had a miscarriage at week 5. I was devastated but realized that there was hope after all. 3 months after that I got pregnant again.

    Today we have a wonderful 10 week old boy. Numbers are just numbers and when and if it is meant to happen, it will happen. Just think positive and do not give up. I never tried the acupuncture, nor did I go on a special diet or eat natural remedies. Just trust that it will happen.

    Good luck.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear women:
    I am 39, after 7 month TTC#2 I got my devastating AMH level result at the end of January. <0.6.. My FSH was ok but my egg counting was only 3 at day 3.
    It took me few days of sadness to start the fight:
    I stopped to visit the dr

  6. Anonymous says:

    married 5 years ago at age 37, for tow years my husband didnt want me to be pregnant neither me, then 3rd year tried for one year but no sing of luck. At age 40 my FSH, 42 - LH 23 . and AMH 0.5 my gy just told it is impossible any pregnancy and i have to rush for pregnancy, i checked online and with other friends so finally decided just have clomid and metformin after a month using these drugs got pregnant, but miscarriage on 12/w, my heart brok but never give up, i m at age 43 now, my AMH is 0.2 very low, but have hope to get pregnant naturally.
    good luck for every body

  7. Mandy says:

    What all did you try to get pregnant? I'm in the same boat at the age of 37, trying for 2 years with no success.

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