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Daily sex boosts chances of getting pregnant

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Thursday, May 31, 2012 | 0 comments

Daily sex boosts chances of getting pregnantThe chances of pregnancy for a couple in a given month will depend upon many things, and some that they can easily control. One of such is frequency of sex. Experts say that having sex daily is the best way to ensure fast conception, reports Sade Oguntola.

Research has shown that the more sex a man has, the better his level of fertility becomes and thus his chances of becoming a father. Regular sex ensures that sperms of higher quality are produced.

The finding, presented at the 2007 American Society for Reproductive Medicines Annual Conference, and which is of particular significance to couples facing challenges of conceiving, suggested that daily sex could increase the quantity of sperm produced and improve the chances of pregnancy.

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Test tubes and testosterone (Male In-fertility)Test tubes and testosterone (Male In-fertility)
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There are times when all the romance (and luck) just simply will not do. 

In those times, what you need is a specimen pot, a heap of drugs, so many ultra-sound scans that your wife or partner begins to glow in the dark and an unfeasibly large amount of tea.

Providing a rare yet enlightening male perspective on the world of IVF, 'Test tubes and testosterone' is one man's experience of in-fertility and the IVF journey he embarked on with his wife in order to start a family. 

Told with humour, wit and insight, this book sheds light on issues that can be hard to discuss even with the closest of friends or relatives, making it a valuable book for anyone contemplating or going through IVF.

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