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In-fertility and Food Intolerance

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Monday, March 19, 2012 | 0 comments

If you and your partner are one of millions of couples worldwide grappling with a diagnosis of "Unexplained In-fertility" then you already know how frustrating this can be. In-fertility is a complex condition which can have many causes. A growing body of evidence has begun to shed light on a new diagnosis of unexplained in-fertility, one that may have never occurred to you: Food intolerance.

For those with food intolerances, eating products rich in substances they are intolerant to; for example gluten, rye, wheat or barley ignites an immunologic response that causes the body to produce immunoglobulins and toxins. It is considered that these toxins could affect ovulation, whilst some are thought to cause implantation failures or recurrent miscarriages. Food intolerance in males is thought to affect sperm production and quality.

DuoFertility has recently teamed up with a leading laboratory based in Cambridge that specialises in food intolerance testing. The test costs £75.00, and they are offering you a 30% introductory discount, which is valid until 31st March 2012. To receive this discount, use the following coupon code DUOFIT30 in the box during checkout.

The test is a home-kit, allowing quick and dependable results that can display a number of intolerances, so you can implement any dietary changes sooner rather than later.

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The Infertility Diet : Foods That Make You ConceiveThe In-fertility Diet : Foods That Make You Conceive
-- Food is critical to every bodily function, this includes getting pregnant and staying pregnant. Alyssa has extensive knowledge about cooking and nutrition and has coupled that with her own personal medical research and came to the conclusion that having a healthy and well balanced diet which consists of foods rich in vitamins such as vegetables, fruits, and grains can dramatically increase the likelihood of a woman getting pregnant and carrying the pregnancy to full term.
This book is a true nutritional remedy, it explores what are the common causes of in-fertility in men and women, how to eat to prevent painful menstruation, and the right vitamins to eat.
This is the only published work that explains in layman's terms, the exercises that you need to do in order to improve fertility, how to boost sperm motility, your PCOS diet, how to deal with a luteal phase and what to do when dealing with endometriosis.

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