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UK Clinics & Costs - accepting over 45y old

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Wednesday, May 28, 2008 | 0 comments

Thanks to Annie from Pregnancy - TTC - Parenting After 50

Here's a list of clinics in the UK which will treat women 45 or over. Can't guarantee how accurate this info is, as it's a couple of years old.

Birmingham Women's Hospital
Birmingham, B15 2TG
Tel: 0121 627 2700
Clinical Director: Mr Masoud Afnan (1980)
One cycle of IVF: £ 1650
One cycle of IUI W/Donor: £ 350
Age 50, 1 year relationship min

BMI Priory Hospital
Priory Road, Edgbaston
Birmingham, B5 7UG
Tel: 0121 440 2323
Clinical Director: Mr R Sawers (1969)
One cycle of IVF: £ 2322
One cycle of IUI W/Donor: £ 450
50 years max

Diana, Princess of Wales Centre for Reproductive Medicine
St Georges Hospital NHS Trust, 3rd Floor
Lanesborough Wing, Cranmer Terrace
London, SW17 0RE
Tel: 020 8725 3308
Clinical Director: Dr Geeta Nargund (1983)
One cycle of IVF: £ 1145
One cycle of IUI W/Donor: £ 495
50 years max, relationship 1 year minimum

Essex Fertility Centre
Holly House Hospital
High Road, Buckhurst Hill
Tel: 020 8505 3315
Clinical Director: Mr Michael Ah-Moye (1977)
One cycle of IVF: £ 2100
One cycle of IUI W/Donor: £ 650
50 years max

Hartlepool General Hospital
Holdforth Road
Hartlepool, TS24 9SH
Tel: 01429 522 866
Clinical Director: Mr M Menabawey (1968)
One cycle of IVF: £ 2300
One cycle of IUI W/Donor: £ 270
50 years for private patients if FSH level is less than 15 u/L

London Female and Male Fertility Centre
Highgate Private Hospital
17-19 View Road
London, N6 4DJ
Tel: 020 8347 5081
Clinical Director: Mr A Abdel Gadir (1972)
One cycle of IVF: £ 1840
One cycle of IUI W/Donor: £ 675
50 years max, minimum 6 months relationship, number of previous cycles and maternal weight may be considered in consultation

London Women's Clinic
113-115 Harley Street
London, W1N 1DG
Tel: 020 7487 5050
Clinical Director: Ms Jinan Bekir (1968)
One cycle of IVF: £ 2100
One cycle of IUI W/Donor: £ 490
46 years max, 50 years for donated eggs

Maidstone Fertility Centre
Kent Medical Imaging
60 Churchill Square, King's Hill
West Malling, ME19 4DU
Tel: 01732 529 643
Clinical Director: Professor Ian Craft
One cycle of IVF: £ 1800
One cycle of IUI W/Donor: £ 650 (1 insemination -2 insemination = £700)
55 years max, smokers encouraged to stop

Manchester Fertility Services
Manchester BUPA Hospital
Russell House, Russell Road
Whalley Range, M16 8AJ
Tel: 0161 862 9567
Clinical Director: Dr Brian A Lieberman (1965)
One cycle of IVF: £ 1990
One cycle of IUI W/Donor: £ 420

Midland Fertility Services
3rd Floor, Centre House
Court Parade
Aldridge, WS9 8LT
Tel: 01922 455911
50 years - but dependent upon individual circumstances

St Jude's Clinic for Fertility & Gynaecology
The White House
194 Penn Road
Wolverhampton, WV3 0EQ
Tel: 01902 620 831
Clinical Director: Mr Jude Adeghe (1980)
One cycle of IVF: £ 1600
One cycle of IUI W/Donor: £ 500
50 years max

The Cromwell IVF and Fertility Centre
Cromwell Hospital
Cromwell Road
London, SW5 0TU
Tel: 020 7460 5713
Clinical Director: Mr Eric Simons (1961)
One cycle of IVF: £ 2850 (under review)
One cycle of IUI W/Donor: £ 660
58 years max if using donor eggs

The Peninsular Centre for Reproductive Medicine
Exeter Fertility Clinic, Heavitree Hospital
Gladstone Road
Exeter, EX1 2ED
Tel: 01392 405 051
Clinical Director: Mr Jonathan H West (1978)
One cycle of IVF: £ 1868
One cycle of IUI W/Donor: £ 370
50 years max, M 60 years max, minimum 1 year relationship, BMI within normal range

Washington Hospital Cromwell IVF & Fertility Unit
The BUPA Washington Hospital
Picktree Lane, Rickleton
Washington, NE38 9JZ
Tel: 0191 417 6463
One cycle of IVF: £ 2250
One cycle of IUI W/Donor: £ 535
58 years max, stable heterosexual relationship required, egg donors must cease smoking 3 months before treatment, weight loss advised if BMI greater than 30

Winterbourne Fertility Centre
The Winterbourne Hospital
Herringston Road
Dorchester, DT1 2DR
Tel: 01305 263 252
Clinical Director: Mr Michael Dooley (1980)
One cycle of IVF: £ 2490
One cycle of IUI W/Donor: £ 575
50 years max


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