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The Proven Benefits of Flaxseed and LNA

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Tuesday, May 20, 2008 | 1 comments

In the last 10 years a plethora of scientific studies have been released on flaxseed and its amazing oil, known as alpha-linolenic acid (LNA) or omega-3. At a recent conference held at the Flax Institute of the United States, scientists focused attention on flaxseed and its role in healing and preventing numerous degenerative diseases.

Research and clinical experience demonstrate the following benefits from regular consumption of flaxseed:

Heart Disease. One of the unique features of flaxseed oil is that it contains a substance that resembles prostaglandins, which may well be part of its potent therapeutic value. The prostaglandins regulate blood pressure and arterial function, and have an important role in calcium and energy metabolism. No other vegetable oil examined so far matches this property of flaxseed oil. Similarly, LNAs blood-regulating capabilities prevent spontaneous blood clots caused by an excess of fatty acids derived from refined polyunsaturated oils. This has implications for preventing strokes if used at an early enough stage in a remedial lifestyle change using both exercise and improved diet.

Diabetes. Late-onset adult diabetes is suspected to originate partially from a deficiency of LNAs and an excess of saturated and trans fats in the diet. Although this syndrome can take as long as 30 years to emerge as a full blown disease, reversal of symptoms can occur with positive changes in the diet and proper supplementation of LNA from flaxseed oil. A concurrent lack of vitamins and minerals makes the disease worse. LNAs also may lower the insulin requirement of diabetics.

Inflammatory Tissue Conditions. LNA fatty acids decrease inflammatory conditions of all types. Inflammatory conditions are the diseases that end in “itis,” including bursitis, tendonitis, tonsillitis, gastritis, ileitis, colitis, meningitis, arthritis, phlebitis, prostatitis, nephritis, splenitis, hepatitis, pancreaitis, otitis, etc., as well as lupus. Many of these inflammatory conditions may be eased by use of LNAs.

Sexual Disorders. Dr. Budwig has found flaxseed oil to be a natural aphrodisiac. The most common physical cause of impotence in men and non-orgasmic response in women is blockage of blood flow in the arteries of the pelvis. Decrease of blood flow prevents full expansion (erection) of the penis and/or the clitoris. Thus ejaculation and/or orgasm cannot occur. The solution is to unblock narrowed arteries in general, and the consumption of flaxseed oil will help. Flaxseed oil is quickly gaining the reputation as one of the best aphrodisiacs of the 90's.

Calmness Under Stress. Many people find increased calmness to be the most profound effect of using fresh flaxseed oil. It brings on a feeling of calmness often within a few hours. This may be partly due to the fact that, under stress, LNA fatty acids appear to slow down the overproduction of stressing biochemicals like arachidonic acid which happens when we are chronically stressed.

Other Conditions. LNAs are necessary for visual function (retina), adrenal function (stress) and sperm formation. They often improve symptoms of multiple sclerosis. In fact, when LNA consumption is high, MS is rare. Flax oil also can be helpful in cystic fibrosis (LNA helps loosen viscous secretions and relieves breathing difficulties); some cases of sterility and miscarriage; some glandular malfunctions; some behavioral problems (schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder); allergies; addictions (to drugs or alcohol); and some deviant behaviors.

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  1. Len says:

    Thanks for this info. Also I think EPO or Evening Primrose Oil has the same effect with infertility.

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