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The more you weigh the lower your HCG?

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Sunday, April 27, 2008 | 0 comments

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The more you weigh the lower your HCGFound this on FertilityFriend today:

Jennifer asked: A thought occurred to me last night while I was trying to go to sleep about beta numbers.

I am 5' 10" and a size 16.... My best friend is 5' 0" and a size "zero". Considering that a smaller person like my friend has a lower total blood volume than someone larger like myself wouldn't the concentration of hcg be different even if we happened to be the same dpo [days past ovulation] and pregnant? Wouldn't the concentration be stronger (higher beta #'s) in a smaller person than in a bigger person, since the concentration would be different because of the different amounts of total blood volume in our bodies?

Catherine posted the following research study:

Defining the rise of serum HCG in viable pregnancies achieved through use of IVF

Defining the rise of serum HCG in viable pregnancies achieved through use of IVF

In the final sample, there were 224 singletons, 135 twins, and 32 triplets. Baseline HCG concentrations were significantly higher for twins and triplets compared to singletons (P greater than 0.0001) and for triplets compared to twins (P greater than 0.0001). The patients were predominantly Caucasian and nulliparous, and had an average of 3.01 ± 0.86 (range 1–6) embryos replaced at the time of transfer. Linear regression analysis of the initial values of log (HCG) were significantly influenced by the number of gestational sacs (P greater than 0.0001) and maternal body mass index (BMI) (P = 0.01).

HCG levels were higher among twins and triplets compared to singletons, and lower among women with greater BMI. In the multivariable regression, there was no independent effect of number of embryos transferred, use of ICSI [intracytoplasmic sperm injection], or use of AH [Assisted hatching] on initial log (HCG) values. Infertility centre was also analysed as an independent variable and was found to have no significant effect.

We also observed that HCG concentrations were significantly lower among obese women (BMI greater than 30 kg/m2) compared to normal-weight women, but rates of increase were similar. Physiological mechanisms underlying this finding are speculative, but may be related to the fat tissue’s capacity to act as a steroid hormone reservoir and site of hormone metabolism (Deslypere et al., 1985).


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