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Final Pre~Seed User Survey Report

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Tuesday, May 29, 2007 | 0 comments

Final Pre~Seed User Survey Results 7.1.05

The following data is from 100 self-reporting Pre~Seed Users, responding to an internet request for information in May and June, 2005. This is a self responding survey, and there are no controls for comparison (i.e. couples not using Pre~Seed) so it is NOT in any way a scientific study. But it has some interesting information!

These self reported findings include:

31% of respondents became pregnant using Pre~Seed. This broke down into pregnancies in:

30% of couples who had been trying for 0- 2 months;
40% of couples trying for 3-6 months;
23% of couples trying for 7-12 months; and
31% of couples trying for one year or more.

This is in comparison to population studies suggesting a maximum pregnancy rate per cycle of 30% in presumed “fertile” couples over the first 2 cycles which then declines over the following cycles (Zinaman et al. Fert Ster 1996).

65% of these became pregnant in the first two cycles of use, and 35% became pregnant after 3 or more cycles of use.

51% of our users started using Pre~Seed after they had been trying to conceive for 7 or more months, and 54% of all folks who became pregnant had been trying to conceive for 7 or more months before they started using Pre~Seed.

The pregnancies reported resulted in:
17% a boy,
19% a girl,
35% reported no gender,
29% had a lost pregnancy (miscarriage), including early “chemical” losses.

The gender difference is likely not significant. The miscarriage rate is very consistent with pregnancy losses reported in other studies (31% - Wilcox et al, NEJM, 1988; 33% - Wang et al Fert Ster, 2003).
25% of all couples using Pre~Seed had undiagnosed infertility, 26% had diagnosed male factor issues, and 34% had diagnosed female factor issues. Further, 25% were taking Clomid, and 16% other fertility medications.

For couples that became pregnant, this was 15% undiagnosed, 19% male factor, 23% female factor, with 21% on Clomid, and 21% on other fertility medications. 45% mentioned no infertility diagnosis.

84% of users liked “the way Pre~Seed feels” well enough to want to use it as their regular lubricant, if a more cost effective version were available for non-fertile times.

65% of users disliked the cost - this of course varied on if the couple had become pregnant or not!!! And 50% disliked that it wasn’t in a regular drugstore chain.

70% of you liked 6 or more applicators in a box; however, about 25% of you wanted a new “intro pack” size for people trying the product for the first time.

ING is working in response to your input. We have introduced a new 3-pack box. We are also restructuring our pricing, and have decreased the suggested retail price for the 6-pack by 23% to $16.99. The new 3-pack will sell for $8.99.

Later this year, we also plan to introduce Pre’ Vaginal Lubricant for use during your non-fertile times. It will be for external application, will have less of the bioactive plant antioxidant in it, and will not have each lot tested to ensure “sperm-friendliness” as is Pre~Seed.

Finally, we are writing grants to look at pregnancy outcomes in randomized, controlled studies and to evaluate cervical mucus interactions with Pre~Seed to better understand the role Pre~Seed plays in sperm transport, based on your interest in knowing “does it replace fertile cervical mucus”.

Dr. E


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