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Personalized Online Fertility Assessment System

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Monday, July 16, 2012 | 0 comments

Demystifying and clarifying what can be a highly emotive, stressful and financially costly journey for many people by providing IVF help is what IVF4U is all about. IVF4U has brought together teams of clinical specialists, healthcare educators and communications and information technology experts to produce this unique service.

The IVF4U Fertility Report which is created from the online assessment is able to address detailed aspects of the causes and treatments of infertility, while providing valuable IVF advice. The fertility assessment goes further and looks at the potential risks that may be encountered as well as the impact of male factor infertility.

From a technology standpoint the IVF4U Fertility Assessment is a browser based service which is accessible by almost all common web browsing tools. It is readily accessible on portable and handheld tablet devices as well as personal computers.

The report that is created as a result of completing the fertility assessment comprises around 35 to 45 pages of specialized IVF information all of which is selected and matched to the profile and responses generated by the individual participant.

Kate Pryde Managing Director of Sonoa Healthcare Group the organization which has designed and produced the IVF4U product describes the system as… “An easy to use and and easy to understand service which brings vast amounts of IVF information to a specific set of circumstances which are unique to each individual person”. 

“Infertility and all of the manifestations associated with it is a major issue for many couples and individuals across the world. The development of assisted reproductive technology and its increasing availability to the public began in the late 1970’s. The technology and treatments have continued to evolve in their application and the breadth of conditions that can be addressed. To date some 5,000,000 babies are estimated to have been born utilizing various IVF and ART techniques. Treatments such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) are able to take a single sperm and fertilize an egg. Chronic conditions that have historically led to female infertility including polycystic ovaries (PCO) and endometriosis can now be successfully addressed with IVF and ART”.

A rudimentary search of the internet using any search engine will return in excess of 100 million entries addressing issues of fertility, infertility and IVF help and advice. Much of this information is unstructured, out of date and potentially dangerous. IVF4U has produced a product which takes the collective learning of some of the world’s most eminent fertility specialists and combines that with the skills of communications and information technology experts to provide a unique set of information relevant to and specifically selected for an individual person.

All of the information which is then presented to the individual person has been reviewed and considered by IVF4U’s Editorial Board. IVF4U has established a world class panel of experts to take on the Editorial role to guide and oversight the selection of information that is aggregated and provided in a highly sophisticated and personalized way to individuals and couples.

Professor Gab Kovacs, one of Australia’s most eminent practitioners of reproductive medicine, chairman of the Editorial Board, describes the service as… “The information provided by IVF4U empowers users to fully understand treatments and to participate with both their specialists and their partners in treatment decisions that can improve their chances of achieving pregnancy and having a baby, I firmly believe this is the online service to use if you are thinking of using ART or IVF to have a baby."


The Sonoa Healthcare Group established IVF4U as one of its responses to the ever increasing demands for high quality and affordable healthcare services. Sonoa Healthcare was founded in 2010 with the goal to resolve the ongoing worldwide problem of limited healthcare resources and unrelenting demand for high quality low cost healthcare information services.

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