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Denver Acupuncturist Tackles Infertility Epidemic

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Wednesday, August 15, 2007 | 0 comments

"There is an infertility epidemic in our country. Over the years I have seen or heard of more and more cases of women, who seem to be in otherwise great health and even good reproductive health, but who are struggling with getting pregnant. As a result, there has been a rise in the number of fertility clinics and procedures as physicians try to meet a need and determine why this is happening," says Dr. Martha Lucas, a licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicineís acupuncture treatment protocols at the Colorado Center of Traditional Medicine in Denver. "I have different thoughts about the causes of infertility and what treatment course is best and most likely to lead to a successful conception."

Your Healthy Fertility Choice - A New Treatment Program

To encourage women/couples to use Chinese Medicine FIRST and to conceive naturally, Dr. Lucas has created the new Your Healthy Fertility Choice program. This program uses acupuncture, herbal prescriptions, nutritional recommendations, and potentially other therapies in Chinese Medicine to:

* Improve you overall health
* Increase blood and positive Qi energy flow to the reproductive organs; the uterus especially needs a healthy blood flow to assure implantation
* Improve the function of the ovaries to produce better quality eggs
* Regulate the menstrual cycle
* Reduce stress by relaxing the patients and improving energetic and emotional balance
* Affect the autonomic nervous system which can make the lining of the uterus more receptive to receiving an embryo
* Balance hormones

Traditional Chinese Medicine should be your healthy and first choice for fertility success, according to Dr. Lucas. It replaces hormone therapy and invasive procedures that can be painful and are well known for creating mood swings, weight gain and other uncomfortable and potentially unhealthy side effects. She would like couples to use the healthy safe fertility opportunity that Chinese Medicine offers FIRST when trying to conceive.

ìIn my private acupuncture practice located in the Capitol Hill area of Denver, I use a standard fertility protocol for both partners. This protocol has led to a higher pregnancy success rate than other combinations of acupuncture and herbs. It is so effective that I want to use it on more and more couples to gather data. Convincing data will allow women to feel comfortable choosing Chinese Medicine as a viable fertility treatment option.

"Additionally, it is very gratifying for me to see more and more women get pregnant in a manner that benefits their general health and results in a natural, healthy pregnancy. Natural is a key word here: getting pregnant using Chinese Medicine is a natural alternative to hormones, IUIs, IVFs, and other invasive options. And in fact, since I treat the couple, both members receive health benefits," explains Dr. Lucas.

In Denver, fertility treatments (IUI and IVF) cost tens of thousands of dollars and that cost is not covered by many health insurance plans. The success rate is around 35%.

Your Healthy Fertility Choice Treatment Plan

This is a six to eight month treatment plan. Both partners are treated two times a week for 3 months; then one time a week for 3 months. If you are not pregnant by the end of 6 months, there will be 2 additional months of treatment.

Treatment includes acupuncture, herbs, nutritional recommendations, and may include other therapies like moxabustion. The charge is currently $7,500 for this program. The fee is payable at the beginning of the treatments, when scheduling your appointments. The cost for Dr. Lucas's program is about 1/3 of the cost of the modern medicine treatments that are only 30 to 40% successful. And, if you donít get pregnant with this program, you will be receiving a substantial refund.

Refund Policy: If, at the end of 9 months (8 months of treatment plus one month) you are not pregnant, you will be given a 50% refund ($3750).

Note, this refund applies to those couples who comply with the entire treatment protocol including taking herbal prescriptions and following relaxation or meditation and nutritional recommendations. At any time a couple may discontinue treatment. In that case you will be charged a per treatment cost of $100 plus the cost of herbal prescriptions used to that point. After those costs are paid, the remainder of your fee will be refunded.


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